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With this method you can downgrade, unlock(only iPhone first generation), activate and jailbrake iPhone 2G. This method has been extensively tested and proven to work 100% only on a first generation iPhone(2G). It is not known if a 3G iPhone can be downgraded and jailbroken using the same method. If any of you succeed to downgrade a iPhone 3G, please post a comment so we can help other people with buggy firmware. Thanks.


I’d like to inform you that the whole process was executed on a Windows XP machine. I heard that it doesn’t work every time on Vista. Mac users(I love Mac myself) please borrow an XP machine if you have to. As I said, it is proven that this process will work only if executed on a Win XP machine.

Before you begin, download everything you’ll need:

  • Install/Update iTunes to latest version 7.7.1(only the latest iTunes version can restore firmware image from 2.0.1 and 2.0.0)
  • Download iPhone first generation restore firmware image version 2.0.0
  • Download latest version of Winpwn tool
  • Download both 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders

After you gathered everything, install iTunes(or Upgrade), install Winpwn, and I would recommend to create a folder on your desktop, and put the bootloader files and the restore image file in it, and have them in one place.

STEP ONE: Upgrade to 2.0.1
First things first. Put the phone in DFU mode. Turn off the device, let it shut down completely, thans pres and hold both ‘Sleep’ and ‘Home’ buttons simultaniously and count 10 seconds(real seconds, usa a watch or timer if not sure, than release the ‘Sleep’ but continue holding ‘Home’ button, count 7 second and release. You are suppose to see a pop up message on you PC screeen telling you that the phone is in DFU mode, and the iPhone screen will be blank, you are not supposed to see anything. If you see the iTunes logo you are NOT in DFU mode. Try again and again untill you succeed. Start up iTunes and plug in you iPhone and restore it with the latest restore image version. iTunes will ask to restore if you are on previous version, if you already have 2.0.1 and tried to downgrade using some other method and it didn’t work, I recommend you restore it one more time, start with fresh 2.0.1 image. The image is over 250MB, it will take some time to download and implement. Flip trough channels on your TV in meantime.

STEP TWO: Restore to 2.0.0
OK, Step One is now completed. Now you are about to restore the device again in iTunes. Except this time you will choose restore image 2.0.0(iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw). You will keep the device plugged in and iTunes open at all time. Again put the device in DFU mode, remember no iTunes logo should be displayed on the screen. In iTunes in the main iPhone menu select to restore the device, but be careful, click on Restore button holding the Shift key, so Shift + click Restore, a file browser window will show up, go your folder where you saved your restore image is and select it. Let it run, flip through some channels on your TV.

STEP THREE: Pawn iTunes
This is the advanced part. Don’t forget to keep the device plugged in and iTunes open. Now start up the Winpwn application and click on ‘Browse .ispw’ button.

Navigate to 2.0 restore image, select it and click Open. Let it run, Winpwn will check if your image file is valid.

After successful validation, a message will be displayed in the main window, telling you that the image has been recognized, also the ‘iPwner’ and ‘ISPW Builder’ buttons will become active. By default the ‘Use iTunes’ check box is checked. Leave it checked, or check if unchecked.

If you are on AT&T select ‘Install Cidya” leave ‘Youtube activation fix’ unckecked under the ‘Applications’ tab. This will only jailbrake your iPhone. If you are unlocking to use with other GSM carrier, select both boxes, ‘Install Cidya’ and ‘Youtube activation fix’.

Under ‘Custom Images’ select ‘Use custom pictures’ if you’d like to install custom images, otherwise leave it unchecked. Skip the ‘Custom Payload’ tab and click on the ‘Advanced Tab’

If you are using the device with AT&T do not check any of the options under the ‘Advanced’ tab, leave the boxes unchecked, you want to jailbrake the iPhone only. But if you are unlocking and jailbraking for other GSM carrier, follow the image bellow. Don’t forget to select the bootloader filer, both 4.6 and 3.9.

Click on ‘Build .ispw’ button, select the folder where you want to save the custom image, for example the same folder where the other files are, and click ‘Save’. iSPW Builder will now build your custom image.

After done building the custom image a message window will pop up with a message ‘Successfully created ISPW file’. Now with Winpwn still open click on the ‘iPwner’ button and select the custom image you just created. Click ‘Open’ and let it run. You will get a message ‘Your iTunes has been Pwned’.

That’s it, your are done with Winpwn.

STEP FOUR: Final restore with custom image
Back to iTunes. For the last tim, put the device in DFU mode. Shift + click ‘Restore’, select the custom restore image and leave it, don’t even breathe. Just kidding, take a deep breath, flip trough some channels. After the image restore, the device will restart and start a process on its own. Leave it run until you see the home screen on the device. Put in you GSM SIM card and start using the the pwned device.

Please comment if you have any questions. If this process worked for your iPhone 3G then let people know. It will be gladly appreciated.



  1. I was stuck with 2.0.1 for a week. Tried to downgrade with iLiberty+, did not work. This tut is a life saver. Thanks.

  2. I’m glad it worked for you.

  3. is it normal that is says there is an error while trying to restore to 2.0?

  4. this says to use latest version of winpwn but the version in your screens is RC.

  5. I have tried these steps a couple of times. installing 2.0.1 then 2.0.0 fine, but when I go to WinPwn the custom firmware i always get a 1600 error. I am using a 2G iphone. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong, I am following the steps on your site, but now I just have a Iphone that I can’t use.

  6. @Andrew:
    It is not normal. Make sure you have iTunes(7.7.1). If you do, put the phone in DFU mode then connect to iTunes.

    It was done with RC. Latest version works too.

    Is that a message from iTunes or WinPwn? 16xx messages are from iTunes usually. Try to re-run WinPwn.

  7. I went to the manual but it does not work on my iPhone 3G

  8. @clonematrix:
    Were you trying to unlock your iPhone 3G or just jailbrake it?

    Unlocking, to use it on any GSM would not work, jailbraking should. Make sure you only select Cidya, without Youtube option, if you are on contract.

  9. it didn’t work for me on vista last night but re-trying on XP now.

  10. Didn’t work for me on XP either. getting this error..

    “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6).”

    any other ideas? mine is the locked state from apple asking for activation of my sim and such from AT&T.

  11. @lokeh:
    This is a message due to restore process without putting the device in DFU mode. DFU stands for Default Firmware Upgrade.

    Follow these steps:
    Start up iTunes, make sure your iPhone is on, plug it to the USB, ignore any message that comes from iTunes. Now, this is the tricky part. Turn off your phone, and let it shut down completely. Than, simultaneously press both Home and Sleep keys, count 10 seconds, and release the Sleep but keep holding the Home button pressed and count 7 seconds then release the home key. The screen will stay blank, nothing will show up on the phone but a message will pop up on the PC letting you know that you are entering DFU mode. also iTunes will acknowledge this. Than click Shift + restore, make sure you press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and than click Restore in iTunes. Browse to the 2.0 image, the original one you have downloaded, not the custom you created with WinPwn. After the restore process completes, repeat the process. Put your phone in DFU mode again and restore. This time select the Custom image.

  12. hi iphonetus
    i tried all method your tut ,than dfu,but no victory yet.i activated with at&t ,used half a year try to unlock it.while i was running winpwn,i had an option to check a box :install cidya,download installer 2.0,and the you tube i wasn’t sure a left it unmarked.sould have checked it?????also should have unchecked the box of activating ????once it was alrady act. via i tunes as an old at&t customer
    thank you

  13. @szabika75
    I’m not sure if you are saying that you are already with AT&T or not. If you are, all you have to select is Cidya, that will jailbreak you iPhone, under the advanced tab don not select anything. You will activate afterwards via iTunes using your already given credentials.

    If trying to unlock for any GSM SIM card, please follow the steps in the post.

  14. So I guess I thought it was in DFU mode because I have been doing those same exact steps every time before I try to shift-restore it.

    After 10 secs, I get apple logo and I let off the sleep button and continue holding home button for 6-7 seconds and I get an Itunes Icon with a USB underneath it and an arrow pointing to Itunes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Itunes gives me a message saying your phone is in Recovery mode and I need to restore it before I can use it with Itunes.
    Is this not DFU or something else?

    I can do everything except the last step where I restore with the custom ipsw file that is created and then I get that error message.

    If i boot up my phone normally, I get a message from Itunes that your phone is locked and needs activation.

    I was going to try with a mac tomorrow and see if I have any luck with that.

  15. @lokeh:
    If you see the apple logo first then the iTunes icon with USB cable, you are not in DFU mode… OR, you still have an older firmware on your phone, like 1.1.4 or prior. If you have 2.0.1 or 2.0.0 you won’t see anything on the screen, it will stay blank like when it’s turned off, you’ll get a pop up message on your screen telling that you are in DFU mode

    The best thing to do is to restore in iTunes to 2.0.1, and repeat the steps. I recommend creating a new Custom image, you might have a corrupted image file.

  16. Not working for me.

    Getting โ€œThe iPhone โ€œiPhoneโ€ could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (6).โ€ on XP, latest iTunes, trying to unlock for any GSM card. Followed the steps that you described (DFU mode, etc.).

    Thanks for your help.

  17. At what step do we put the phone if DFU mode, I think is is the reason why so many people are having problems.

    I.e At step X please place the phone if DFU Mode.

    Thanks for the tut, will give it a go after lunch.

  18. I know for a fact that it is restored to 2.0.1 when i start at step 1.

    I am trying to put my phone in DFU mode each time i try to restore a file in iTunes, but I always get that same iTunes icon with cable and iTunes says I am in recovery mode.

    Just a little background, so apple put my phone in its current state because it was not restarting at all. I had them restore it to its current state.

    Is there something else I can do to put it into DFU state?

  19. @urengoy:
    It seems that one big reason that users are getting the Error 6 issue is because the device hasnโ€™t been put into DFU mode properly. Please make sure to put your iPhone or iPod Touch into DFU mode(not restore mode). If you see iTunes icon, thats restore mode, if you see nothing, that is DFU mode.

    Another reason you could be getting this error is because of a bad download(IPSW file). If you are still getting this error, try deleting, and re-downloading the firmware file, and after that re-create the Custom restore image.

    You are right. I totally skipped the DFU steps. I did update the post. You are supposed to enter in DFU mode every time you do a firmware upgrade.

    Try to do it quicker when putting the device in DFU mode. Instead of 10 seconds, count to 8, then to 6. See if that works. You can also use iLiberty+ to put the device in DFU mode, which I don’t recommend.

  20. Worked nicely…!

  21. @Sanjeev:
    That’s good news. Cheers.

  22. that was my problem, I was holding down the sleep button too long and since it was telling me it was in recovery mode I just assumed I was doing it right. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am all good now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. @lokeh:
    DFU mode is the key. Not a problem.

  24. thanks it worked ,now i can use my i phone with any gsm sim cared.the only thing dosn’t work is :voicemail!!!i know the visual voicemail works with at&t only,but i still can’t get access to voicemail to set it up .
    do you have any solution for that
    thank you

  25. @szabika75:
    Find your carrier default voicemail number and go to your contacts list. Click on ‘Voicemail’ and change it.

  26. yesterday a coworker came over my cube to look for some music I offer her when she opened itunes it offer her the option to update to 2.0.1 and she click “yes”… yikes!

    now, I’d done the DFU trick 100s of times but now I’m only able to install the original f/w 2.0 and 2.0.1 into my iphone and if I try to install any customer f/w I’ll get the “error (6)” message.

    I’d tried itunes 7.7 and 7.6 and still doesn’t work… now this is the funny part… ๐Ÿ˜›

    when I use the original f/w it reboots the iphone and then it shows the “slide for emergency” and it doesn’t allow you do anything else… but! the iphone is able to receive txt messages as yesterday I received around 11 messages in about 1 hour. so, it means the iphone is still half way hacked but it does not allow me to access the os. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  27. @Spartan_X:
    You need to put the device in DFU mode, not Restore mode. If you see the iTunes icon and the USB cable, that’s Restore mode not DFU. You don’t want that. Read my response to lokeh posted August 13, 2008 at 6:44 pm.

    Also read the post entirely, take your time and follow the steps as instructed.

  28. yeah, I read everything as instructed and I got the black screen and all that but… I never tried using a different cable… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    for some reason the usb cable I used wasn’t working and I just tried with another cable and it worked just fine… ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for the info, you rule! ^_^

  29. i did everything you said, but my iphone is the same as 2.0.1 except with cydia. how come when i take out the original simcard, and then put mine in, the phone doesn’t work? it says to activate it? i took out the original simcard and put mine in while it was still connected to the computer by the way and when i finished all the steps of course.

    also, for this step”STEP FOUR: Final restore with custom image” i did this step even though i did not make a custom picture. what am i doing wrong?

  30. @Eleanor:
    Are you with AT&T? If yes enter your account credentials. You have to activate it.

  31. also, i have at&t, and the simcard that i have is from my samsung phone. on the simcard, it says cingular.

  32. what do you mean by aacount credentials? does that mean i have to go activate my account on itunes, and be charged? is there a way i can do this without being charged?

  33. sorry, i meant do i have to activate my phone on itunes then, and be charged.

  34. please help me! all I am trying to do is make my iphone work to make calls so that when i insert my sim card from my samsung cellphone into the iphone, there will be no charges or activation. my sim card says cingular on it, and i have at&t.
    my dad gave me this iphone, and just cancelled the phone on it. that is why all the feautres work on it with the original simcard in it, but just the phone does not work.

    i hope you understand.

  35. @Eleanor:
    Leave iTunes alone. Only iTunes can ask for activation. Unplug the phone from your computer, insert the Cingular SIM card and see if it works.

    I am not sure if you are trying to bypass the data plan and want use the iPhone with your old plan. If so, this method should work for you.

    Make sure you follow the steps in this post. Select to fully unlock the iPhone if you want to use your old plan, otherwise you best bet is to call AT&T and tell them the you have an iPhone that you want to activate.

  36. hi again, yes, i want to use the iphone with my old plan. i am not sure what you mean by old plan because I want to use the plan i am using in my samsung phone that i have now.

    so, how would i fully unlock the iphone.

    do i have to follow all the steps again, and if i do, before I start the whole procedure, should the original sim card be in the iphone, or should my sim card from my samsung cellphone be in the iphone while going through the steps?

  37. before when i folloed the steps, i did everything you said, and the original sim card was in it. when everything was finished, i still left the iphone connected to the computer and then i inserted my cingular sim card into the iphone, but it has a icon of itunes with a usb cord pic appear, and tells me it can only be used for an emergency.

  38. i’m sorry i am asking so much, put i forgot to tell you also that when i followed the steps before, you know the step where you do the cydia part, well yeah, during that part, there were three options:
    -installer 2.0
    -youtube activation fix

    i only checked cydia since i have at&t, but was i supposed to check installer 2.0?

    one more thing, you know when you get to the advanced tab in the iswp builder, since I have at&t, i did not check any of the options, but then you said “Donโ€™t forget to select the bootloader filer, both 4.6 and 3.9” but i was not able to since i did not click anything in the advanced tab.

    so, when you say to fully unlock, that would mean I would have to check the things under the advanced tab in the iPSW builder even though i have at&t?

    sorry I am asking so many question. I just wanted to tell you the things i did the first time that i was unsure so you can see if these are the problems that caused me to fail to unlock my iphone during my 1st attempt.

    thanks a lot again for helping me. i really mean it. don’t forget to answer my other questions that i wrote before this comment.

  39. tHis tuto is awseome , it just worked out of the box , i went through each paragraph about 3 times & believe me or not it worked !!!

    my iphone came from the U.S & i live in france & yes i confirm that this works on a 3G , 8GB & hell i love pwned, i upgraded by mistake on the latest itunes & when i started to read this i managed to downgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.0.0 , i am not a win$hit fan & all my boxes are nix 0s , i don’t have a mac either & just hate all the monopoly & the system , i had to find a win$hit box & everythin went right as explained in this tuto , just read carefully & should work , i had some 1602 & 1604 errors & was gonna give up , put all the files in a same /dir & don’t foreget to pwned your itunes at the end & finally you will get a response on your iphone with a colorfull apple which shows the pwned logo , just love it , thanks again for this great tuto


  40. @Eleanor:
    Read the post carefully. You want to fully unlock your iPhone and use on your old plan(old plan, current plan, the plan you have now and signed a contract with AT&T when you purchased your phone, your Samsung phone).

    If you are not really familiar with DFU modes and restore images, your best bet is to find a friend that is tech savvy and will easily understand the whole process.

  41. @johnnu06:
    So it does work with iPhone 3G also. Thanks for sharing.

  42. okay, so fully unlock means that i would have to install cydia, installer 2.0, and
    youtube activation fix

    also, i would have to check mark the box activate under the adcvanced tab, and everything else in the picture so i could use my old plan, correct.

    when i am done with all the steps, i disconnect my iphone from the computer, and then insert my simcard from my samsung cellphone right.

  43. hey when i am buildind the package when it say addin youtube activation fix.tar the program close inmediatly!! why???

  44. @manuel:
    It might be your previous version of WinPwn. Uninstall what you currently have and reinstall latest.

  45. Oh my gosh, i finally did it, and all by myself!!!!! It took me like 5 hours though, and I just finished as i am typing this. I am so happy. I did all the steps you siad to fully unlock my iphone. when i finished everything, I unpluged the iphone from the comuter, and then inserted my sim card from my samsung cell phone, and it works. I am so happy that i can’t explain.
    Thanks a million! you rock. ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. hi. i restored my first gen iphones a couple of times and it turned out good except my wifi. ive tried everything but my iphone cannot keep the connection to wifi for that long. when i get signal, i can use the safari for a couple of mins. then it boots me out. and when i go to serch for networks, it cannot dectect my router. ive been to 3 of my friends house and the iphone is the same thing. can some1 help me out on this one?
    thank you

  47. DFU mode can be illustrated on youtube

    & it has to be all the time connected to the latest itunes , follow this tuto step by step & read carefully each paragraph & you will see the LIGHT;

  48. @Eleanor:
    Finally… That’s good. I’m glad you are able to use your iPhone now.

    I am scratching my head here, I don’t know why you are experiencing this problem. I hate to tell you but try and reset the iPhone again and see what happens.

  49. everything worked for me…

    but when i put in my sim card it wont get any service
    it recognizes the simcard

    but thats it

  50. im not even a member but i must thank you friend!!! ive worked endless hours trying to fix this phone, even missing work on some cases!! i followed your tut strictly and i have finally seen the beautiful restore image letting me know its been PWNED!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! WHOOPIE!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

  51. @ktown!
    Weird… Try it again. It seems like your restore image got corrupted.


  52. Hey,
    I followed these instructions carefully, and read the FAQ’s that appear on this forum. I know my device is in DFU mode, it has the blank screen and iTunes prompts me to restore it. However, I’ve downloaded several images of versions 2.0.1, 2.0, and all the other things you can name- I’m desperate at this point. No matter what cords, USB ports, different computers, latest iTunes versions, previous iTunes versions, etc I try to do to get it right,

    Now my question for you is: Is it an iPhone issue? Because I know its not a computer issue, since I’ve tried maybe 4 different computers so far, all running windows XP. cost me 40 bucks and I’ve YET to hear back from their “fend for yourself” customer service. Hopefully you can help me. If its an issue with my phone itself, I can just take it to a repair shop and get it fixed.

    No one ever tries to even help me. The customer service people at are such n00bs that they have no idea how to solve my problem, so they just turn a blind eye and ignore me.

    Please, PLEASE help.
    Thank you.


  53. @mario:
    In general is the same problem. Trying to upload the restore image without putting the phone in DFU mode. Get a stopwatch, and do it again.

    Unplug the phone from your computer. Turn off the phone. Hold the power and home button for exactly 10 seconds, let go of power button and continue to hold home button for exactly 10 more seconds.

    Then let go and plug into computer.

    Select your custom restore image with shift + restore.

  54. hi there can u help me out because I did follow the steps that you posted but when itune is restoring with the custom firmware i got unknow error 1602, I did put the phone in DFU mode.

  55. @Henry:
    You didn’t put the phone in DFU mode. That is why you receive the 16xx error message.

    Try again. Create a new Custom Restore image file.

  56. after you have created the custom image do you have to open it ? because i did not open it after i have created, could that be the reason for the error message ? thanks.

  57. @Henry:
    Follow the steps. You have to select the custom image with Shift + Restore in iTunes only after you put the device in DFU mode.

  58. hey, it is me again Eleanor. My dad received the phone bill yesterday, and at&t charged 164 dollars for internet express even though i use wifi. how did they find out? my dad already called them to ask if it was a mistake, but it wasn’t. What can i do so I can use the internet on my iphone without them finding out and charging money?

  59. @Eleanor:
    Sorry to hear that. Using Wi-Fi connection is free. You was charged because you probably have not signed for a data plan with AT&T and they charged you per data downloaded.

    If you’d want to access the net via Wi-Fi only, make sure your Wi-Fi is on, and you see the icon for Wi-Fi connection on the screen when you browse or email.

  60. It will not work on my IPhone. I have tryed to restore with 2.0 i have a IPhone 2G 16GB my Windows XP machine displays an error “it cant be restored…” why? my IPhone now cant boot up

  61. @DarkSiide: Why would you want to downgrade to 2.0 with 2.1 firmware and fix released now. I would recommend you to upgrade to 2.1 using latest iTunes. Than, using QuickPwn you can unlock and jailbreak.

    This is much better solution that downgrading to 2.0. There are many improvements in 2.1.

  62. any news coming ?

  63. I downgraded my phone with success but in a bid of stupidity upgraded again to version 3 and tried to unlock using redsnow however the phone froze on the screen showing usb connection to itunes and does not show up on itunes anymore I would like to know how to fix this itunes is useless to me now and I don’t know how to dongrade without it.

  64. buenisimo

  65. I am having an issue with trying to restore my iphone. It is telling me there is an error (1015) and can not restore. Is there an option to restore my iphone if it only turns on and wants me to connect to itunes. I have tried to hold down the power and home button for 10 to 30 seconds and that does nothing. I did not do the jailbreak so not sure on the version that was used to unlock my iphone.

  66. I am having an issue with trying to restore my iphone. It is telling me there is an error (1015) and can not restore. Is there an option to restore my iphone if it only turns on and wants me to connect to itunes. I have tried to hold down the power and home button for 10 to 30 seconds and that does nothing. I did not do the jailbreak so not sure on the version that was used to unlock my iphone.

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    I have at&t. the steps that I used to downgrade my 2.0.1 to a 2.0 was from this website: Downgrade iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 to 2.0.0 – iPhone Tutorials – IPHONETUTS do you think the reason why my iphone doesn’t work with my samsung sim is because when I was…

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